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Issue No.59
  • :June
  • :2019

Yemaya Newsletter on Gender and Fisheries, Issue No. 59, June 2019


Fished! The Fisher Women of Mumbai

Directed by Daya Gupta; Duration 19 min 28 sec; Language: English

Indu M.G. (, Freelance Communication Consultant, Mumbai, India

This short video gives a bird’s-eye view of the lives of Koliwomen. The Kolis are a traditional fishing community from Mumbai, India – one of the original inhabitants of this island city of mostly migrants. The women form a formidable force in the fishing industry of Mumbai. Although they are not involved with the catch, most of the other aspects are handled by them, such as the sorting, cleaning, drying, packing and selling fish in the local markets. They are the fulcrum on which the livelihoods of the families turn; without them, the industry would come to a standstill. Brief interviews with some of them give glimpses of their back-breaking and relentless work. Some women accept it because they feel they have no other choice; some cherisha hope in their hearts for a better tomorrow. The film also touches upon the issues of domestic violence and male alcoholism within families.

The film begins with the story of Mumbai as a city of migrants