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Issue No.52
  • :September
  • :2016


Q & A

Interview with Cao ThiThien, Chairwoman of Hoang Phong Commune Women’s Union, Vietnam

By Nguyen Thu Trang (, Centre for Supporting Green Development-GreenHub

Can you tell us something about your organization?

Our organization, the Hoang Phong Commune Women’s Union, is an aquaculture association. We have about 100 members who support each other in terms of sharing experience, culture techniques and product output. We are based in Hoang Phong, which is in Hoang Hoa district in the ThanhHoa province of Vietnam’s central coast. We have approximately 255 hectares for aquaculture, and, in line with the government’s aim of increasing the efficiency of prawn farming through diversification, we use 138 hectares of the land to rotate crops and practice multi-cropping.

What changes have taken place in aquaculture in your province?

Earlier, shrimp farming required large investments. You needed to invest anywhere between 30 million dong (USD 1,345.2 ) to 90 million dong (USD 4,035.6 ) per hectare depending on the type of shrimp farm you were setting up—improved fa