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Japan's farming and fisheries schools struggle to move lessons online May 29,2020   |  Source: NISHINIPPON SHIMBUN

The coronavirus pandemic has forced schools across Japan to switch to online education, posing a challenge for institutions specialized in agricultural and fisheries studies, which need practical training that can’t be conducted online.

Amid the pandemic, students who are required to go through practical training, including on navigation so they can attain national qualifications, are not able to carry that out at present.

Most schools in the Kyushu region have resumed classes now the state of emergency has been lifted. However, teachers at schools offering practical training are worried whether they will be able to go through the necessary areas required for the national qualifications by the end of the academic year, which ends in March.

A comment recently posted on the website of the Kumamoto Agricultural High School, a prefecture-run institution in the city of Kumamoto, reads, “Even during the school closure, plants on our farm are growing quickly!”

Photos posted on the website also shows school teachers and staffers harvesting white radish. But absent from the photos are the students who sowed the seeds in March.

Students enrolled in fisheries courses are now unable to board vessels to learn about navigation and fishing.

“The vessel actually is our



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