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Hurricane Dorian lands a punch on Outer Banks September 11,2019   |  Source: National Fishermen

Almost a year to the date after Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc in North Carolina’s fishing communities, Hurricane Dorian started its march toward the same target. The week-long trek up the Southeast coastline had North Carolina’s fishermen pulling boats and removing gear from the waters. For most the effort paid off, with the aftermath proving to be little more than a cleanup and of course, precious time lost on the water. Some were not as fortunate. Ocracoke Island, a barrier island on North Carolina’s Outer Banks near where Dorian made landfall Sept. 6, took the brunt and experienced catastrophic flooding with widespread destruction of property.

About 800 people, many commercial fishing families, rode out the storm on Ocracoke. Boats were lost, homes flooded, fish houses and waterfront restaurants destroyed. Dorian’s utter devastation of the northern Bahamas may have taken several thousand lives according to some estimates there, as responders turned to the grim task of recovering bodies. With low pressure reported at 913 millibars, Dorian was likely the most powerful hurricane in the region since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane that ravaged the Florida Keys. Moving northward, Dorian threatened a repeat of Hurricane Hugo that destroyed McClellanville, S.C., in 1988,

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