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Ghana fishermen to demonstrate against closed season April 21,2019   |  Source: GhanaWeb

Some fisherfolk in Jamestown in Accra, Ghana, have threatened to stage a demonstration to protest the government’s decision to ban fishing for a period in the country.

Some of the fishermen say they are not adequately prepared to stay out of work for a month.

The closed season is intended to allow fish spawn to improve Ghana’s fish stocks. In an interview with Citi News, leader of Friends of Artisanal Fishermen, Nii Nertey Netteh, stated that a closed season is not in accordance with the government’s plans from last year.

“These fishermen have not been planned for in anyway and they live on what they bring from the sea. How has the government planned for the one month they are going to stay home? We are already aware that the fishermen are going to stage a demonstration.”

“We don’t understand the rationale behind this closed season. If it is also to increase the stock of fish in our waters, then the period for which they are going to implement this is a total shift from what they said last year. Although we think it is not the right time for it to be done, government still wants to go ahead because they believe that is what should be done”, he added.

Last year when the closed season was announced, some fishermen in Accra called on the government


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