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Chinese jiggers operating on the high seas worry Falkland fisheries authorities January 12,2018   |  Source: FIS

A large fishing fleet that is gathering about 400 miles north of the Falkland Islands to catch Illex squid has become a matter of concern for the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department.

The director of Fisheries, John Barton, confirmed to Penguin News that the fleet has been concentrating for some time and it is very likely that it will be catching small sized squid, and that it will have the capacity to extract large volumes of this cephalopod.

These activities could have a negative impact on the level of catches in the archipelago fishing grounds. It is mostly Chinese fishing that are ahead of the season, which will now add some jiggers that already have a license from the Falklands. It is estimated that there are more than 200 fishing vessels operating outside the exclusive economic zone of Argentina in the vicinity of the 45 ° S parallel.

The Illex squid catch season will begin on February 15 and the level of fishing effort remains unchanged from previous seasons, with 105 jiggers and a trawler licensed to squid, Barton said.

The dDrector of Fisheries said that it is difficult to predict what the season will be like, even though there is an abundance of squid, given that the factors that influence migration and distribution can have a great impact.

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