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EU partners with East African Community to facilitate cross-border fish trade by Joy Nabukewa October 19,2017   |  Source: Xinhua

The European Union (EU) has stepped up efforts to facilitate fish trade and safeguard public health among the East African Community (EAC) member states.

As part of the strategy, the EU through the various EAC fisheries agencies has trained about 200 border inspectors on how to make formal cross-border trade in fisheries more attractive than the current informal and unethical practices.

In a statement issued in Mombasa Wednesday, the EU said these trainings are jointly conducted by the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), through its EU-Funded Smart Fish program, and EAC to improve the quality and to ease Fish Trade in East Africa.

The program, according to the Commission, is expected to develop a Border Fisheries Inspector's manual which will among other things improve food safety, a key component that is required for the export of fisheries products to the European market.

Joyce Lugonzo, a Kenya Fisheries Border Inspector, said collaboration with other border inspectors has gone a long way in ensuring that contraband and substandard products do not reach the market.

"This training has come in handy as it has given us more skill in addressing illegal trade which in turn denies our countries much needed revenue," she said.

The objective of the training that lasted


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