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Issue No.13
  • :July
  • :2003

From the Editor

Dear Friends,

Greetings! This issue carries write-ups from several countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Chile and the Netherlands.

The article from the Netherlands presents a complex case in which small-scale fishers and their families are feeling the impact of the action by the anti-cartel Authority of the Netherlands to penalize the shrimp sector (producers and trading companies) for limiting production and thereby influencing prices to the disadvantage of consumers. As has been pointed out, small-scale producers and their families find it inexplicable that they are being treated like big telecom and oil companies.

Undoubtedly the present situation, where there is overproduction and oversupply of shrimp in the market and small-scale producers are struggling to fish more to make ends meet even as prices crash, is not the optimal solution. How can the interests of consumers, producers, trading companies and environmental sustainability be balanced? That isthe challenge for policymakers.

The stories from Philippines are of women who are part of local committees for coastal resources management. They decribe their struggles and achievements, as they try and organize to take advantage of t

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