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Issue No:82
  • :0973–1121
  • :February
  • :2020

Samudra Report No.82, February 2020


SSF Guidelines / Blue Economy

On and By the Water

Without proper implementation of the SSF Guidelines, plans for the Blue Economy and Blue Growth will come to naught for small-scale fisheries

This article is by Svein Jentoft (, Professor Emeritus, Norwegian College of Fishery Science, UiT-The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway, builds on his keynote address at the 1st International Conference on Sustainable Fisheries, held at Sylhet, Bangladesh, 25-27, August 2019

The European Union presents the Blue Economy and Blue Growth as follows: “Europe can unlock the untapped potential for growth in its blue economy while safeguarding biodiversity and protecting the environment. Traditional sectors such as maritime transport and maritime and coastal tourism will gain in competitiveness. Growing emerging sectors, such as ocean renewable energy and blue biotechnology, can become a key to creating more jobs, clean energy, and more products and services.”

There is no mention of small-scale fisheries here, not even fisheries. Small-scale fisheries are, after all, the most ‘traditional’ of all sectors in the Blue Economy. Why this omission? Is it because small-scale fisheries have no growth potential? Is it just forgetfulness, or another...

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