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Issue No:56
  • :0973–1121
  • :July
  • :2010

The Fisherwoman
The fisherwoman
in her boat
under the sky,
deep blue above,
deep blue below,
salty, skin
the fisherwoman

A soft song
o my love, o my lord,
carry me, float me, rock me, rescue me
a soft song for the fish and the sky
and the broad ocean and all the things on islands
that call to her.

Buildings, streets, people, suits
on green islands
across the ancient ocean,
the endless sleeping sea.

Through the light she sees the islands
and the fish watch
and wait.

—Janet Jackson

Report : OIL SPILL

All The Fish Are Dead

The recent BP oil spill disaster shows how the world's overdependence on fossil fuel could create many problems for fishing communities

This article is by Niaz Dorry ( of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA), United States

On 20 April 2010, when the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig of BP exploded, causing one of the largest oil spills in history, many hoped the disaster would smarten the United States administration.  Whether that will happen remains to be seen.  But what is clear is that the BP disaster has made the US fishing communities’ worst nightmares come true. 

Years of work on a range of issues—from rebuilding the fragile habitats of mangroves to employing turtle excluder devices to avoid turtle bycatch in the shrimp fishery—seem to have gone down the drain with that one explosion.  Fishing has all but halted for the Gulf of Mexico's shrimpers, crabbers and oystermen. 

Heartbreaking images of oil-drenched marine animals have only reinforced the tragedy of the oil spill. Toxic dispersants intended to break the oil up into smaller pieces have been applied to the Gulf waters. Hugh Kaufman, a scientist at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accuses the Obama...

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