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Small-scale fishers in South Africa cheer Total’s postponement of gas drilling by Mwangi Githahu April 16,2021   |  Source: IOL

Small-scale subsistence fishers in South Africa and their civil society organisation partners Green Connection are celebrating the decision by French oil giant Total E&P South Africa (Tepsa) to postpone their application for additional drilling and associated activities offshore of Mossel Bay.

Green Connection spokesperson Liziwe McDaid said: “Tepsa’s announcement of withdrawal can be seen as a victory for the communities and environment around the area. As interested and affected parties, we have always been against any drilling for oil or gas activity in our oceans.

“While we are happy for the news, we are still concerned that oil and gas exploration continues in other areas, since the email we received speaks of a postponement, not a cancellation.

“Tepsa did not provide any reasons for their withdrawal from the project, which leaves us to wonder what their future intentions are. We would like Tepsa to be transparent and give our communities some clarity about their intentions going forward.”

As a result of Tepsa’s move, the environmental and social impact assessment process has also been terminated, which means that if they do return, they will need a further environmental impact assessment.

Fishing communities and lobby groups such as Masifundise


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