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Malaysia Fisheries Dept's Vessel Modernisation Programme offers financing to fishermen December 29,2020   |  Source: Malay Mail

The Vessel Modernisation and Capture Mechanisation Programme of the Government of Malaysia offers financing of up to RM5 million to fishermen in zone A and B to upgrade their equipment, nets and boats through the Food Security Fund (DJM) provided under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI).

The Department of Fisheries (DOF) in a statement today said it was an initiative announced in Budget 2021, aimed at transforming fishermen towards the deep-sea fishing industry.

The statement said the programme was also in line with the concept of modernising fishing vessels, introduced by the DOF to help the target group, adding that the use of IR 4.0 technology would also help transform the fisheries sector in the country.

DOF said the use of modern and environment friendly fishing equipment technology would improve efficiency of vessel operations as well as save time, especially for deep sea fishing vessels.

“The programme will also be able to further increase the number of fish landings in the country and help boost fishermen’s income.

“The use of mechanisation and automation of equipment for modern vessels will also be able to reduce labour costs incurred by operators and the dependence of foreign crews,” it said.

DOF said the programme,


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