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20by2020 improves the lives of thousands of fishermen and their families in Indonesia December 29,2020   |  Source: BUSINESS WIRE

The United Arab Emirates-led humanitarian initiative, 20by2020, continues to extend sustainable solutions to various parts of the world with the latest deployment in Pulau Laut Selatan - South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The objective of this deployment is to provide 20,700 people from a large fishermen community with improved energy access through off-grid solar lighting.

Pulau Laut Selatan is in the Kota Baru Regency (Borneo), where a quarter of the population still live in the dark, and most households earn their living by fishing. 3,600 solar lanterns and 1,000 mobile-charging solar lanterns will be distributed to fishermen living without access to electricity to assist them and their families with household lighting and income generation, enabling greater economic activities by fishing early in the morning and at night.

Additionally, the lanterns will improve health conditions by replacing kerosene lamps, a basic indoor power source for most households in unelectrified areas, along with candles and diesel generators that can adversely affect people’s safety, the environment, and levels of productivity.

This deployment represents a unique collaboration between two leading Zayed Sustainability Prize winners. D.light is a 2013 Prize winner and a US-based pioneer in


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