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Wakashio spill 4 months on: Mauritius drenched in oil, health and debt issues December 17,2020   |  Source: International Viewpoint

Four months since the Wakashio oil spill, the communities around the South East of Mauritius have been suffering with oil-related health issues, debt and the constant seeping of oil from the coastline that has permeated deep into the sand and silt. [1]

Local NGOs who were responsible for the hand stitched community booms to protect Mauritius from the oil spill have accused the under-fire Mauritian Government of creating a ‘mirage’ for the visit of Japanese Foreign Minister, Toshimitsu Motegi. The Japanese Foreign Minister is being welcomed to the country this weekend with a sailing regatta and musical festival around the Wakashio shipwreck, part of which still lies on Mauritius’ reefs. [2]

NGOs are angry at how the community-led efforts that first responded to the oil spill were hijacked by large Japanese corporate interests which appear to be supporting an unpopular Government to cover up the true extent of the oil and salvage damage, and have excluded the local community from taking any ownership in carefully restoring the coral lagoon upon which their livelihoods depend. [3] In videos and photographs taken this week and released today, they reveal the extent of the oil still present along Mauritius’ coast four months on from the August 6 oil spill.



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