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Satellites reveal Japan’s Mauritius base for Africa fishing operations by Nishan Degnarain December 15,2020   |  Source: Forbes

New satellite analysis by global analytics firm, Windward reveal that Japan has been using the island of Mauritius as a base for its rapidly expanding industrial fishing presence across the Indian Ocean and Africa. The extent of its industrial fishing operations in Africa’s waters, using Mauritius as a base, are revealed for the first time.

This comes after a large Japanese bulk carrier crashed into Mauritius, unleashing a massive oil spill, and four months on there has still not been been any credible explanation for how the Wakashio disaster occurred.

The rise in Japan’s operations across the Indian Ocean is particularly sensitive as Japan has been investing in maritime security systems as part of foreign aid agreements with Governments in the region (such as the $7 million maritime security deal with Seychelles in 2019). It is suspected that a failure in these Japanese-provided maritime security systems was one of the contributing factors that led to the Wakashio disaster, which saw a massive Japanese bulk carrier on collision course with Mauritius for four days, without any interception by the Indian Navy-run Mauritian Coastguard.

Under the Jugnauth Government there has been a massive industrialization of Mauritius-sponsored activities on the ocean. These have

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