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Shots fired at Mi'kmaw fisherman in Nova Scotia, Canada; one person arrested by Aaron Beswick December 15,2020   |  Source: The Telegram

Sylvia Bernard offered to go.
“I said ‘No, it might be dangerous’,” recalled her partner, Gary Denny.

It was Sunday afternoon, Dec. 13, and a fishing boat was amongst the traps they set under a moderate livelihood licence issued by the Pictou Landing First Nation.

So Denny launched the family’s 16-foot aluminum boat with a side-by-side and steamed toward the Cape Islander alone.

“He starts coming toward me full speed and I kind of froze, thinking he’s going to get me either way — either he will ram me or his wake will capsize me,” said Denny.

According to Denny, the Cape Islander came within 10 metres and then made a sharp port turn toward the northeast.

As he rode out the swell from the larger boat, he heard the first gunshot.

Bernard, watching from the yard bedecked with the toys of their three children, heard it, too.

“Gary just sat there in the boat for what felt like 10 minutes — it wasn’t — it would only have been seconds, and I was yelling at him, I thought he’d been shot,” said Bernard on Monday.

Three shots were fired and Denny said he saw one of them skimming along the water some 15 metres from his craft as the bigger vessel steamed away.

“I was thinking to myself, I might die, I might be injured, but for my


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