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New citizen app lets small-scale fishermen in Ghana catch illegal trawlers by Andy Corbley November 24,2020   |  Source: Good News Network

If fish stocks off the Ghanaian coast were to collapse, it would put the livelihoods of millions of people at risk, but a new app that lets local fishermen photograph and report illegal trawlers could be the perfect tool to prevent the disaster.

With hand net and hand line, small-catch fishing here in West Africa have provided generations of families a food and income source that is at risk from commercial-scale illegal trawling operations, which have been depleting many of the “people’s fish” species.

Strict laws are in place which prevent trawlers from entering shallow waters where small catch fishermen work and where fish species live, but due to enforcement limitations, these laws are regularly broken, with an estimated 37% of the yearly catch being hauled in illegally.

The new app, called Dase was developed by the nonprofit Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) and allows small-catch fishermen to rapidly report lawbreakers directly to Ghana’s Fisheries Commission with just their smartphone.

The project was funded by the EU delegation to Ghana as part of a three-year process to restore sustainable fish stocks to the country of 32 million people living in an area the size of Kansas.

The Guardian reports an instance whereby a canoe fisherman spotted a


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