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Costarican President vetoes law that would allow trawling adduces reasons of convenience and opportunity November 02,2020   |  Source: MENAFN

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The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, totally vetoed the bill that would revive trawling in Costa Rica, after pressure from scientific institutes, municipalities and artisanal fishermen. The president pointed out that the analyzes carried out indicate that there are not enough scientific elements and technical studies to guarantee the sustainability of the fishing technique proposed in the text. 'For this reason, in exercise of my constitutional powers, and because of my duty to promote the common good and ensure the balance between productive activity and sustainability, and also, in keeping with my word, today (Friday) I have totally vetoed the Legislative decree number 9909, for reasons of convenience and opportunity,' explained Alvarado in his message. The President added that 'with the available elements, contributed by very different productive and political academic sectors, the criterion on a negative environmental and

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