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US fishermen's co-op to receive award June 06,2012   |  Source: The Cordova Times

“Deliver the best. Market the best. Be the best.” Just over 30 years ago, that slogan defined the Copper River Fishermen's Cooperative (CRFC), an innovative response by a group of about 30 Cordova gillnetters to the unstable markets and low prices of that time period.

Committed to quality and market expansion, they were effective in educating with reminders like “Broken Backbones Cost You Money!” and became one of Alaska’s most successful fishermen’s cooperatives.

In recognition of their innovations in branding, international marketing and quality control, the Prince William Sound Science Center is giving the 2012 Fisheries Achievement Award to the Copper River Fishermen’s Cooperative.

The community is invited to honor CRFC and its founders at a reception on Saturday June 9 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. on the Science Center’s dock, which was actually home to the Co-op’s first icehouse.

Established in 1981, CRFC grew out of a very different time period in the fishing industry. Back then, there were just a few Copper River fishermen working with Seattle marketers to sell their Copper River salmon at premium prices.

The Alaska fish industry was dominated by Japanese salmon markets. Farm fish was on the horizon and would soon impact world markets but there


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