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US to boost community fisheries projects June 05,2012   |  Source:

A summit designed to broaden the success of community supported fisheries (CFSs) took place on May 30 until June 1 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

A group of approximately 70 commercial fishermen, fishing communities, and other organisations came together to identify needs, share knowledge, and identify opportunities to expand and modify community supported fishery models.

CSFs link fishermen to their local markets. It works like this—any member of the public can pre-pay for a “season” of fresh, local, low-impact seafood, and in turn, receive a weekly or bi-weekly share of fish or shellfish. The idea is similar to the more widespread community supported agriculture programs where customers get a share of seasonal produce.

Like the farmers before them, many commercial fishermen are learning to love this idea as well. They see the potential to boost profits by giving them access to new markets for their products and eliminating the need to distribute revenue to a host of out-of-region middle-men. The benefits extend beyond simple convenience and economics. Fishermen and consumers alike who are involved in these programmes say CSFs help reconnect coastal communities to their food system, encourage sustainable fishing practices, and strengthen relationships between


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