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Call to popularise GPS use among artisanal fishermen in Tanzania by JAFFAR MJASIRI May 27,2012   |  Source: Daily News

Several artisanal fishermen along the Coast, through their own
initiative, have started using the Global Positioning System (GPS)
device, it has been learnt.

Mr Mjanga Ali, a Captain of a fishing vessel which operates on the
Indian Ocean, said in Dar es Salaam this week that the device costs
between 180,000/- and 250,000/- if bought depending on its make. If
obtained in Europe or US it will cost more.

Fishermen in Zanzibar and Tanga have also confirmed that they have
started using the device. “So far most of the fishermen can only use it
to record the distance between two points. It can be used to earmark a
location by recording the latitude and longitude of the location,” said
a fisherman who always uses it in Dar es Salaam.

Mr Fidelis Ntima, Fisheries Officer at Magogoni fish market in Dar es
Salaam, said GPS has brought relief to fishermen. “We will propose to
the ministry to find a way to support these new developments among the
fishermen,” he said. Since most of the artisanal fishermen vessels were
small in size, they are always susceptible to high tides which can wreck
the boat, hence, the need to know exactly the spot they want to go for
fishing to avoid such calamities, according to him.

He added most of the small scale fishermen could


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