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Two Indian fishermen dumped by Pakistan agency reach coast after 3days May 02,2012   |  Source: PTI

Two Indian fishermen, who were allegedly "dumped" by the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) in mid-sea, near the International Maritime Boundary (IMB), today reached Okha, a Gujarat Fisheries Department official said.

"The two fishermen on board Sri Ganesh and Radhey boats were dumped by PMSA near IMB. After struggling for three days in sea, they entered Indian waters and were transported by fishing boat Shiv Pooja to Kunti Putra, which brought them to Okha today," H V Dalvi of Fisheries Department said.

"The two have been identified as Sharafat Ali Sheikh and Fazrat Ali Sheikh," he said. The PMSA had seized 14 Indian fishing boats off Jakhau coast with around 85 fishermen on board on April 27. 72 of them were freed by the Indian Coast Guard through negotiations.

"11 fishermen and 11 boats have been taken away by the PMSA to Pakistan, after two tandels (captains) were dumped by the Pakistani marines in mid-sea," said Manish Lodhari, Secretary, National Fish Worker Forum.


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