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Sea Turtles and Fisheries in Orissa, India
  • :Aarthi Sridhar
  • :2005
  • :40
  • :SAMUDRA Monograph

All over the world, the pressure to conserve ecosystems and their resources has been steadily rising. This has, in turn, led to conflicts between conservation imperatives and the livelihoods’ needs of the communities that interact with these ecosystems. An example of the impasse that such a state of opposition can lead to can be found in Orissa, India, where the moves to implement official sea turtle protection measures along the coast have resulted in mounting conflicts involving fisherfolk, government departments and conservationists.

This study analyzes the existing sea turtle conservation measures in Orissa and the implications of conservation approaches for the livelihoods of fisherfolk, particularly for traditional fishing communities and the women in them. The study concludes with an assortment of views and strategies that could help achieve the goal of turtle conservation, while sustaining the endeavours of fishworkers and fishing communities to maintain their livelihoods.