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Issue No.59
  • :June
  • :2019

Yemaya Newsletter on Gender and Fisheries, Issue No. 59, June 2019

From the Editor

Women in fisheries and aquaculture are witnessing a curious paradox today. While on the one hand, women’s lack of visibility, capacity and resource access is being discussed increasingly and in ever-widening spaces, there is arguably little evidence that the response of national and international policy is in any way proportionate to the task of what needs to be done. This is worrying because precious time is being lost even as challenges, in terms of overfishing, tenure loss and climate impacts, continue to multiply. As a result, women in the sector run the risk of being pushed back into greater positions of exclusion and defensiveness. This exclusion in turn intensifies negative impacts on the sector.

The exclusion of women in all but tokenistic ways from fisheries policy and programme is largely due to the lack of data on women’s presence the in sector, in terms of actual numbers, work and value add. Milika Sobey’s article highlights this problem and draws attention to yet another paradox. A report commissioned by the Women in Fisheries Network-Fiji found a dearth of accessible baseline data on women in the sector; at the same time, it also found that, in reality, a wealth of data exists but it exists in silos, distribu