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Issue No.21
  • :March
  • :2006

Yemaya 21 carries writeups from countries like Chile, Brazil, European union etc.

Latin America / Chile

Unaccounted and undervalued

Even though women are highly involved as workers in artisanal fisheries and in their communities, their roles have been constantly undermined and undervalued.

by Fabio Iacomini of Terra Nuova, Italy

In a context where development is identified fundamentally with the exploitation of natural resources, and where fishing is mainly associated with men in the sector, the work and presence of women is largely invisible. Illustrative of this is the fact that only since 2001 has gender been included as a variable in the official register of the sector. However, the Artisanal Fishing Register of the Servicio Nacional de Pesca (SERNAPESCA) does not recognize the support activities generally undertaken by women, which include baiting hooks, processing and the direct sale of fishery products. What is more, only 4,105 women are officially recorded in the artisanal fishing register as being directly involved with artisanal fishing, a figure far from reality, and estimated to be only 10-18 per cent of the female workforce associated with fisheries.

This situation marginalizes women in the various government programmes: if they a