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AGRIFISH Council agrees on quotas for 2021/22 deep-sea stocks December 17,2020   |  Source: Europa

Press Statement by Commissioner Sinkevičius following AGRIFISH Council on 17 December 2020:

Dear colleagues,

Today, the Council has come to an agreement about the fishing opportunities for 2021 in the Atlantic and the North Sea, as well as the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and for 2021/22 for deep-sea stocks.

As always in the December Council the negotiations were intense. This year the Agrifish Council did not convene in November, therefore over the last two days the Fisheries ministers had to agree on three proposals for fishing opportunities, in the North Sea and the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and the deep-sea stocks. This made this December Council exceptionally challenging.

The stakes of the negotiations were very high, as we needed to address all three sustainability pillars – environmental, social and economic. The EU's fleet has suffered from the COVID-19 crisis and is facing uncertainty due to still ongoing EU-UK negotiations. With urgent support measures in last spring, we have been able to bring a slight relief. But today we also needed to give our fishermen and women a perspective beyond 2021.

On the stocks managed exclusively by the EU we brought 9 out of 9 TACs at MSY, 9 out of 14 TACs in line with precautionary advice, as


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