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Fisheries management to be discussed in Brussels April 23,2012   |  Source: TheFishSite

Norwegian Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Minister, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, is to visit Brussels on 23 - 25 April to hold talks with the EU Fisheries Commissioner and Canadian and Scottish fisheries ministers.

During the visit, Ms Berg-Hansen will meet with the EU Fisheries Commissioner, Maria Damanaki.

Ms Berg-Hansen is invited to attend the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament for a debate.

Ms Berg-Hansen will also bee visiting the European Seafood Exposition 2012, and also hold talks with fisheries ministers from Canada and Scotland.

"I look forward to political meetings and discussions in the European Parliament, with Commissioner Damanaki and with my Canadian and Scottish colleagues. Norway is a big ocean and seafood nation. Population growth in the world makes the need for food increases, and then the resources of the sea and in the farming industry and our management of them, decisive," said Ms Berg-Hansen.


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