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The condition of fishworkers on distant-water fishing vessels: ICSF seminar-workshop on the conditions of work on distant-water fishing vessels
  • :1991
  • :46

Upon the suggestion of the Fishermen’s Service Center of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, the theme of the Seminar Workshop was changed to: “The Condition of Fishworkers on Distant Water Vessels.” Its objectives were:

1. To look into the psycho-social, socio-economic and socio-cultural conditions of fishworkers on distant water vessels.

2. To surface the issues of recruitment patterns of fishworkers for distant water vessels and the problem of monitoring; and

3. To reflect on and discuss the implications of the above-mentioned realities to national policies and the challenges to fishworkers’ organizations and their support groups.

The Seminar design included two panel discussions, each of which were followed by a workshop in order to ensure a thorough discussion of the subject matter and to obtain maximum participation from the delegates. The first panel discussion focused on the main subject:

“The Conditions of Fishworkers on Distant Water Vessels.” The second panel discussion was on the “Recruitment Patterns of Fishworkers on Distant Water Vessels and the Problem of Monitoring.”