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22-26 October 2018: The 3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress (3WSFC)
  • :2018-10-22 To 2018-10-26
  • :Chiang Mai, Thailand

The 3rd WSFC is a transdisciplinary forum for anyone interested in small-scale fisheries to participate in an interactive discussion about the future of the world's small-scale fisheries.

The overall goal of the Congress is to facilitate opportunities for researchers, students, young professionals, practitioners, fishers and fishers’ organizations, environmental groups, and policymakers to share information about all aspects of small-scale fisheries and to formulate action plans and capacity development programs to support the implementation of the SSF Guidelines.​

For more information about the call, visit the 3WSFC website at: https://toobigtoignore.wixsite.com/3wsfcongress.

18-20 October 2018: GAF7 – the 7th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries
  • :2018-10-18 To 2018-10-20
  • :Bangkok, Thailand

The journey of the GAF network over 20 years has been slow but steady and has partnered with the Asian Fisheries Societies Triennial Forum throughout its evolution. Today the GAF is a formal Section of the Asian Fisheries Society and is embarking upon its independent journey. The first of its activities is organizing the standalone GAF7 – the 7th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries. As a standalone event, participants will have more time to interact, meet new people with similar interests, and will be able to focus more on GAF7, without having to go off to present at or chair other sessions. Participants will find that the AIT environment is very conducive to meeting, interacting and developing future collaborations.

For More information available at: https://genderaquafish.org/2017/11/28/save-the-date-gaf-7-18-20-october-2018-ait-bangkok/

10-14 September 2018: Tenure and UserRights in Fisheries 2018: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030
  • :2018-09-10 To 2018-09-14
  • :Yeosu, Republic of Korea

Tenure and UserRights in Fisheries 2018: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Marine and inland fisheries provide millions of people around the globe with food security and livelihood opportunities. Advancing knowledge on how the world’s marine and inland capture fisheries are accessed, used, and managed using various types of rights-based approaches (RBAs) is a crucial step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and attaining food and
nutrition security and livelihood benefits.

UserRights 2018 will be a neutral platform for the widest variety of participants, including government officials; fishers from industrial, small-scale and indigenous/traditional communities; fisheries-related stakeholders; nongovernment organizations (NGOs); civil society organizations (CSOs); intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and academics from around the world.

As part of progressing from perceptions to experiences, participants will exchange information and concrete examples by providing case studies on how tenure and rights-based approaches (RBAs) can harmonize the concepts of responsible fisheries in social and economic development. Participants will also share ideas on how to address concerns about fair and equitable application of user rights in cap

16-20 July 2018: Bringing Gender Discourse into Fisheries Economics and Trade. Gender Economics Research in Fisheries and Aquaculture: New Challenges and Opportunities
  • :2018-07-16 To 2018-07-20
  • :Seattle, Washington, USA

An open session entitled “Bringing Gender Discourse into Fisheries Economics and Trade. Gender Economics Research in Fisheries and Aquaculture: New Challenges and Opportunities” has been accepted in the 19th International Biennial Conference of International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET)-2018 to be held on the campus of the University of Washington, in the “Emerald City”: Seattle, Washington, USA.

The session will be mainly comprised of contributed papers and presentations, with the requirement that only those presenters who provide an advance paper by the 4th of April 2018 will be considered for the Rosemary Firth Best Paper Prize (Best Paper Prizes information). The prize consists of a $500 check, a stipend of up to $2,500 to cover airfare and lodging, and free conference registration (Rosemary Firth Best Paper Prize details).

At the Special Session, the winner of the Rosemary Firth Prize will present the Inaugural Rosemary Firth Address, named after British Sociologist Rosemary Firth (1912-2001) who wrote the 1941 (1966) volume “Housekeeping among Malay Peasants,” tracking the household economics of traditional fishing communities in east coast Malaysia.

Objectives of this session are as follows:

* To mainstream gender components in

9-13 July 2018: Committee on Fisheries Thirty-third Session
  • :2018-07-09 To 2018-07-13
  • :Rome, Italy

The opening meeting of the 33rd session (from 9 to 13 July 2018) of the Committee on Fisheries (COFI), will commence at 9.30 hours on Monday, 9 July 2018. The Session is being convened under the provisions of Article V-6 of the FAO Constitution and is open to Members of the Committee as well as to observers officially invited. The Session will be conducted in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Further documents for the Session will be available on and may also be downloaded from the following Website: http://www.fao.org/about/meetings/cofi/

10-13 June 2018: The 5th International Fishing Industry Safety and Health Conference (IFISH 5)
  • :2018-06-10 To 2018-06-13
  • :Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

The 5th International Fishing Industry Safety and Health Conference (IFISH 5) in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ocean Frontier Institute of Memorial University will sponsor a workshop entitled, “Recent Global Conventions and Resolutions Targeting Improved Safety, Health and Sustainability at Sea in the Fisheries Sector – Strategies for Moving Forward.” Speakers for the event include representatives from FAO, ILO, IMO, NIOSH, NOAA/NMFS, and many other subject matter experts. This workshop will feature and discuss recent global initiatives related to fishing vessel design, fishing safety, fisheries management and sustainable fishing practices and their relationship to current conditions in fisheries from different regions of the world.

9-13 April 2018: The 34th session of the Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific
  • :2018-04-09 To 2018-04-13
  • :Nadi, Fiji

Delegates to the Conference can expect to engage with FAO on the regional priorities and initiatives and the Sustainable Development Goals that drive FAO's work. The forthcoming biennium in the RAP Region will be given a framework by Regional Initiatives:

* Zero Hunger
* Blue Growth
* Climate change
* One Health
* Inter-region SIDs Initiative for the Pacific

There will be a full schedule of presentations, discussions and activities. Some of the highlights of the Conference include a Ministerial Roundtable on Zero Hunger, a Roundtable on "Imagining future healthy and inclusive food systems in Asia and the Pacific,” an Exhibition honoring the achievements and progress of the 10 Regional Offices that marking their 40th Anniversaries, a side event on how FAO's Strategic Programme now addresses development issues using a multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary approach to deliver value-added in FAO’s work and a field trip.

19 - 25 March 2018: 10th Anniversary of the International Fishing Film Festival of the World
  • :2018-03-19 To 2018-03-25
  • :Lorient, France

2018, 10e anniversaire du Festival International de Films Pêcheurs du Monde du 19 au 25 mars.

En attendant cet événement, Le Festival Pêcheurs du Monde vous vous invite à de nouvelles projections.

Le Festival est bien dans son territoire et entend changer le regard sur les pêcheurs qui non seulement contribuent à l’alimentation des populations mais sont des sentinelles qui alertent sur les problèmes des océans. Les pêcheurs contribuent également à faire vivre bien des entreprises tant en amont qu’en aval : construction navale, équipementier, conserverie, traitement du poisson, transports, restauration…

07-09 March 2018: Fifth World Ocean Summit 2018
  • :2018-03-07 To 2018-03-08
  • :Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The Economist Events' fifth World Ocean Summit will convene in Mexico and will expand into a wider, more ambitious World Ocean Initiative focused on five pillars: sustainable fisheries, pollution, climate change, finance and technology. The event seeks to deepen engagement with the private sector, particularly private capital's involvement with the ocean.

The 2018 Summit will feature: an extension of the Word Ocean Summit 2017, deepening on the issue of financing; a focus on measurement providing accountability of blue initiatives in the areas of fisheries, pollution and climate change; and the first business case of the blue economy that drives discussions on investments and growth in the blue economy.

Speakers will include: Enrique Peña Nieto, President, Mexico; Luis Guillermo Solís, President, Costa Rica; Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President, Iceland; Tarsicio Granizo, Minister of Environment, Ecuador; Michael Eckhart, Citigroup; Werner Hoyer, European Investment Bank; Matthew Arnold, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue; Peter Thomson, special envoy for the ocean, United Nations; and Paula Caballero, World Resources Institute.

19-24 February 2018: Regional Workshop to Facilitate the Description of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas in the Baltic Sea
  • :2018-02-19 To 2018-02-24
  • :Helsinki, Finland

Regional Workshop to Facilitate the Description of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas in the Baltic Sea, 19 - 24 February 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

For more please visit at: https://www.cbd.int/meetings/EBSAWS-2018-01