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Indian oil sardine stocks show signs of revival after 5-year-long decline by K A Shaji January 05,2021   |  Source: DTE

The stocks of the Indian oil sardine, the cheap, tasty and nutritious variety of marine fish most consumed in Kerala, could be in for a revival in the state after a five-year-long decline, according to scientists.

There are favourable conditions now in the marine ecosystem of Kerala’s southern coast that will facilitate the growth of the sardines, according to scientists from the Kochi-based Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).

Researchers have found scattered batches of immature sardines on the coast. If these are kept safe, it would help Kerala bridge the decline in the last five years, the scientists said.

CMFRI Principal Scientist EM Abdussamad, however, warned fish workers and local consumers against catching the newly found immature sardines instantly.

“We have urged Kerala Fisheries Minister J Mercy Kutty Amma to regulate fishing of the immature sardines at present. Allowing them to grow at least for the next three months will help augment the revival of the fish along the Kerala coast,” he said.

“Known locally as mathi and chala, this is Kerala’s staple fish variety. If regulated at least for the time being, the revival of oil sardine along the southern coasts will be quicker,” he added.

The decline in the number of oil


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