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3 Trinidad fishermen survive 5 days lost at sea on raw fish, rainwater by STACY MOORE December 16,2020   |  Source: T&T Newsday

Three Guayaguayare fishermen lost at sea for the last five days survived by eating raw fish, drinking rain water, and creating a paddle with pieces of wood and two bucket covers.

Shaquille Charles, Frank Anthony Sandy, and Walter Whiteman paddled day and night in the “middle of nowhere” until they made it to the waters of Morne Diablo on Tuesday morning.

Up to late Tuesday evening Charles, Sandy, and Whiteman were being treated at the Mayaro District Health Facility after they collapsed on arrival to shore at their hometown in Guayaguayare.

Medical sources said that the men were in a dehydrated state and had to be given intravenous fluids immediately.

Last Friday around 3 pm, the fishermen left the Guayaguayare fishing port in a boat to fish.

When the three failed to return home, they were reported missing by their respective families to the Mayaro Police Station on Saturday.

Relatives, friends, and fishermen said they did not give up hope of finding the fishermen.


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