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French fisheries collective's call on World Fisheries Day by Alain Le Sann November 27,2020   |  Source: Collectif Pêche et Développement |  Alert Type(s): Samudra Exclusive

The Collectif Pêche et Développement (Fisheries and Development Collective), an association based in Lorient, France, that works to promote the sustainable development of the fishing and aquaculture sector, has issued a call to elected officials on the occasion of the 22nd World Fisheries Day (WFD), which was initiated on 21 November 1997 in New Delhi, India, in the presence of representatives of French artisanal fisheries.

In its call, headlined “Who wants the disappearance of fishworkers?”, the Collective is sounding the alarm bells, pointing out that for the past few months, worrying signs have been multiplying that indicate a desire, sometimes obvious, to eliminate fishermen or, very often, to marginalize them to make room for more lucrative Blue Economy activities. The European Union (EU), in its strategy for the Blue Economy, excludes fishing, a move that has been denounced by several organizations, including the Collective, during the November 2019 Joint Monitoring Programme. The EU has recently planned a considerable extension offshore wind turbine farms without properly addressing the problem of cohabitation with fishing over the thousands of sq km concerned (3% of European marine areas, mainly in coastal areas and, therefore, within highly frequented fishing

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