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Namibia revels in MSC certification of hake fishery by Shem Oirere November 24,2020   |  Source: SeafoodSource

A successful endeavor to rebuild Namibia’s hake stocks and eliminate destructive fishing practices has earned the African country’s hake trawl and longline fishery Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification last week. Members of the fishery say the eco-label will open up more global market opportunities for them, especially in Europe and North America, where demand for sustainably sourced seafood is on the rise.

The fishery becomes the first in Namibia and second one in Africa – after the South Africa’s hake trawl fishery – to achieve the MSC standard, a reward for the many years the government and private sector devoted to improving the biodiversity of the Namibian oceans and sustainably maximizing the marine resource, Namibian Hake Association Executive Secretary Ron Wolters said.

The Namibian hake fishery was independently assessed by global inspection and certification contractor Control Union, and confirmed to be meeting the three principles of the MSC Fisheries Standard, which includes stock health, environmental impacts and effective management. The fishery scored an average of 80 percent in the 28 performance indicators within the three principles.

During the assessment for certification, the Namibian hake fishery exhibited resilience and strong


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