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Covid lockdown: 'Feeling of dread' for UK fishing industry by Johanna Carr November 04,2020   |  Source: BBC News

The new lockdown may cause fish prices in the United Kingdom to plummet as the hospitality industry closes its doors and European markets dwindle, seafood producers fear.

Prices dropped in March when the first coronavirus lockdown caused worldwide demand for seafood to fall drastically.

Jim Portus, from the South Western Fish Producers' Association, said there was "a feeling of dread that it may be as bad or worse than the first lockdown".

The government said it was continuing "to monitor the situation".

"This is a very uncertain time for the fishing industry," said Mr Portus, who has called on the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to make a case to the government for financial support.

"If grants are going to be made available this time then it should be for all sizes of vessels and it should be for all the fish processing businesses," he continued.

"They are all going to suffer equally."

Mr Portus said Italy, France and Spain were major buyers of British shellfish so it was "not just the shutdown of the UK that will have an impact", further coronavirus restrictions across the continent will also cause problems.

Ian Jepson, of Three Jays Shellfish in Newquay, began selling his catch direct to local customers during the first


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