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How COVID-19 is impacting the fishing industry by Mary Kate Langan November 03,2020   |  Source: Borgen

Across the globe, an estimated 35 million people work in the fishing industry, most of whom live in developing countries. Despite significant growth over the past several decades, the fishing industry has suffered considerably in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The effects have been particularly burdensome for small fish farms in “fish-dependent communities,” low-income countries and small islands.

COVID-19 response measures, such as restaurant closures and bans on travel, have curbed global fish demand. In addition to the collapse of the international fish market, local demand has dropped significantly due to the virus. For example, in China, the cancellation of lunar new year celebrations, which typically involves large seafood consumption, left local fisheries struggling.

Trade restrictions, country-wide lockdowns and shortages of aquaculture equipment have also caused logistical challenges in the fish trade. The negative impacts on fish trade have reduced income for many countries and have even threatened food security in several regions.

In many developing countries, the fishing industry has become of great economic importance over the past several decades. The sector bolstered growing economies and has also provided food security for many nations.

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