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Do sharks hold the key to saving the planet? November 03,2020   |  Source: Al Khaleej

A new study shows that sharks, tuna, and mackerel are the key to saving the planet, as scientists say that the big fish are a carbon sink, which helps store greenhouse gases at the ocean floor, and also regulates the amount that remains in the atmosphere by absorbing huge amounts of emissions Globalism.

An international team showed that leaving more of these fish in the sea will curb the phenomenon of global warming. When a fish dies in the ocean, it sinks to the sea floor, capturing all the carbon it contains, while the natural phenomenon – called a “blue carbon pump” – is increasingly disrupted due to Hunting, which has been overlooked – until now.

“When a fish is caught, the carbon it partially contains is released into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide after a few days or weeks,” said lead author Gael Mariani, a doctoral student at the University of Montpellier in France.

The study found, the first of its kind, that ocean fisheries have released at least 730 million metric tons of carbon dioxide since 1950, with an estimated 20.4 metric tons discharged in 2014 alone, equivalent to annual emissions of 4.5 million. Car.

Said co-author Professor David Moylo David Mouillot Their carbon footprint is 25 percent higher than previous estimates,

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