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Fishing industry in Kenya bears brunt of pandemic by Jael Mboga September 09,2020   |  Source: The Standard

As the coronavirus infection curve in Kenya seems to be flattening, the impact on food and agriculture is still ever-present, especially in the fishing and aquaculture industry.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation has stated that the pandemic has created an unprecedented economic, social, and health crisis.

Other than the nutritional impact, most of the workers in the fishing industry, especially in the developing countries, have no clearly formulated labour policies and are not registered since they operate in the informal labour market. Most of these workers in the informal fish trade are women, in many cases, widows, who will have no relief package.

Working in such conditions worsens the secondary effects of Covid-19, including starvation and poverty.

Other challenges include the difficulty or the fishermen to maintain the recommended physical distance.

The solution would be to have fewer men on board, which would in turn mean longer working hours. Restrictions such as the ongoing curfew make it hard for them to be out in the water or at the beach at any hour that falls outside the stipulated time.

Violating such rules to make ends meet puts them at risk of being arrested or compromising their safety as empty streets are also a haven for criminals.



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