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Fisherwomen in Lamu, Kenya, uncover rare octopus closures August 25,2020   |  Source: The Star

A group of fisherwomen in Lamu, Kenya, have discovered two temporary octopus closures, giving the sector a major boost.

The women, under the Pate Marine Community Conservancy (PMCC), discovered the octopus closures on Pate Island. They cover about 284 acres of marine area.

The closures are managed by a group of fisherwomen from Pate, Shanga-Rubu and Shanga-Ishakani beach management units.

The temporary closures are usually closed for three to four months, then reopened, resulting in increased catch and size of octopus, better market prices, increased income, increased fish population and improved ocean habitat.

In recent days, Lamu women have become more proactively involved in patrol and enforcement of key fishery resources in nearshore ecosystems.

As a result, the Lamu government, in partnership with other stakeholders such as the Northern Rangeland Trust (NRT) and The Nature Conservancy, launched a special programme last week aimed at enhancing women’s access to fishing areas. They will use a unique model of community-based conservation so they can benefit more.

During the event presided over by Deputy Governor Abdulhakim Aboud, who doubles as the county executive for Agriculture and Fisheries, two special fishing boats — MV Pweza 1 and MV Pweza 2 —


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