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Tanzania: Ruaha National Park to introduce boat tourism before December by Anne Robi July 16,2020   |  Source: Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)

Ruaha National Park is set to introduce boating safari tourism before this year ends, aiming to diversify attractions while boosting government revenues.

The Park's Conservation Officer in the Tourism Department, Ms Amina Salum said the plan aim at attracting local and foreign visitors into the park.

"We have had many products that we offer to our visitors, but we are set to introduce more products to attract more tourists... one of them is boating safari tourism, which will be the second in the country," she said.

At present, boating safaris for game-viewing operate in the Selous Game Reserve, where the Rufiji River, the Great Ruaha River, and numerous lakes give visitors a choice of many expeditions to choose from.

Ms Salum said Ruaha is set to invest in that area and the door was also open for the private sector. She was speaking to a delegation from Journalists Environmental Association (JET).

Boating through the great Ruaha River will offer visitors an opportunity to get out in the open and see tremendous amount of bird-life and water species.

Despite the proximity of crocodiles and hippos during water safaris, the expeditions are extremely safe, while the animals react with puzzled curiosity to the sight of boats on water.

In another development, the


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