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Massive salmon escape from Blumar company in Chile's Patagonia: Citizens groups call for action July 05,2020   |  Source: CONAPACH

Groups of citizens and NGOs in the Patagonian region of Chile have called for action to stop the destruction of their seas and the future of their coastal communities due to the massive escape of salmons from the Blumar company.

According to a statement issued by them:

Our coastal maritime territory, its rich marine biodiversity, and the social, economic and cultural interests of indigenous communities, territorial organizations and regional citizens, are once again affected by a massive escape of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), which occurred in the cultivation center “Caicura”, from Blumar company in the Reloncaví estuary, Los Lagos Region. This serious situation shows the ineffectiveness of the contingency plans that the farming centers present to the government authorities, often only for complying with the laws.

The damaged center which had, according to the company itself, 875,144 salmon in the fattening stage, is located inside the Native People's Coastal Marine Space (EMCPO in Spanish) "MañihueicoHuinay", which is currently in the process of “maritime destination”, and that it has as managers a large number of indigenous communities in the Hualaihué commune, and close to another ECMPO request from the Mapuche-Lafkenche community “Daniel

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