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EU-UK trade talks end in further stalemate by Rose O'Donovan June 17,2020   |  Source: Southern Star

The fourth round of (virtual) negotiations between the EU and UK ended in stalemate on June 5th, with EU negotiator Michel Barnier saying that London was ‘backtracking’ on what was agreed in the Political Declaration.

The next round of talks is set to take place towards the end of June or early July, while a high-level conference is slated before the end of June. There was ‘no substantial progress’ in the latest round of bilateral talks on the future relationship between the EU and UK earlier this month (June 2nd to 5th).

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Speaking with reporters, EU negotiator Michel Barnier said ‘my responsibility is to tell you the truth.’ The UK had not shown ‘any real willingness’ to move on fisheries,’ while ‘we didn’t make any real progress’ on the level playing field, the French politician outlined.

And, on the last of what he identified as the areas in which movement was really needed, police and judicial co-operation, ‘important questions’ remained: ‘We are asking for nothing more than what is in the Political Declaration,’ the former Agriculture Minister (2007-2009) stressed.

‘There has been no substantial progress since the beginning of these negotiations,’ he said. ‘We cannot continue like this forever, especially given


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