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Cyclone Amphan: In Bangladesh, preparedness paid off by Jenelle Eli / American Red Cross May 31,2020   |  Source: reliefweb

When Cyclone Amphan—the strongest storm yet recorded in the Bay of Bengal—came barreling towards South Asia, communities went on high alert. Individuals, families, and volunteers have been preparing for this very moment.

As the cyclone approached, the Bangladesh Red Crescent and the government went into high gear by mobilizing more than 70,000 Cyclone Preparedness Program (CPP) volunteers across coastal areas. Just as they practiced, teams used megaphones and door-to-door visits to inform residents in low-lying areas about incoming danger. In communities big and small, the volunteers spread emergency warnings by foot, motorbike, bicycle, boat and even in 3-wheeled rickshaws—urging families to take the threat seriously, pack what they need and get to safety.

The cyclone claimed more than 15 lives in Bangladesh, damaged thousands of homes, and took the life of a Bangladesh Red Crescent volunteer on duty. People’s livelihoods—especially those who depend on cropland and fisheries—were greatly affected.

It is critical to acknowledge the losses and to act on them. But it’s also important to focus on the number of lives saved, the infrastructure that withstood the storm, and efforts that mitigated additional damage and loss of life.

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