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Women in Seafood video competition: A great success of the third edition September 12,2019   |  Source: WIS

For its third edition the WSI video competition 2019 has hit a record with 32 entries from 14 countries, a 88% increase compared to 2018. The international jury including highly recognised professionals (see below) has struggled a bit to select the best videos, as “all of them tell a story worth sharing”. They awarded best WSI 2019 prizes to:

First prize: Women of the Arousa Sea, (Galicia) : “The best! Touching, Strong, positive, with context and showing diverse angles of women at sea”.

Second prize: Oyster farming in Wadatar (India). “Very interesting and positive initiative, where women overcame prior opposition and go in the water.”

Third prize: Truchas arapa, or The Aquaculture women of Lake Arapa (Peru). “A promising aquaculture initiative where Reyna Callata Chaco a very inspirational role model provides good leadership to other women.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=z9R6Isziwa0

In addition they value the following two entries with the WSI prize of “Excellence”

WSI Prize of Excellence 2019 Leadership des femmes transformatrices au Sénégal (Senegal): “Excellent video - great music and visuals, where women were at

Theme(s): Fishing Craft, Gear and Fishing Methods, Freshwater ecosystems and threats, Others, Post Harvest Technology and Trade, Landing Centres, Fisheries Development and Aquaculture, Communities and Organisations, Fisheries Resources, Coastal Ecosystems and Threats.

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