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Opportunities for integrated and inclusive governance of water, fisheries and land tenure in the Near East and North Africa (NENA) region by Cynthia Adzika, Giulia Barbanente and Audrey Nepveu July 05,2019   |  Source: reliefweb

Conflicts over access to scarce land, water and fisheries resources contribute to the challenges and widespread fragility of the Near East and North Africa (NENA) region. These resources are under additional pressure from climate change, displaced people, and encroachment on land used by local communities through concessions and investments in medium and large-scale mechanized farming, mining and urbanization. These land-use changes sometimes lead to the pollution of water resources to the detriment of smallholder farmers, agropastoralists and pastoralist communities.

Additionally, native or traditional systems for governance of tenure have over time been weakened by fragmented state regulations where the different resources are treated in silos by different administrations. This creates inconsistencies in resources management with disregard to the fact that resources are naturally integrated in ecosystems used by local communities for their livelihoods.

Land and forest resources are fixed, while water and fisheries resources are moving and have changing availability, which needs to be considered in the allocations governed by tenure arrangements. The different resources therefore require different governance and tenure frameworks, which often contributes to the

Theme(s): Fisheries Development and Aquaculture.

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