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Cheaper, safer processed fish underway in Nigeria by Vincent A. Yusuf April 21,2019   |  Source: Daily Trust

Residents of the Federal Capital City (FCT) and neighbouring states in Nigeria will soon have cheaper, safer and standard smoked fish to buy when the newly installed processing facility in Abuja becomes fully operational.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has completed the installation of three compartments of a modern fish smoking plant at the popular Kado Fish Market.

Similar facilities are being installed in three other states, which cost FAO over $500,000. About 1000 young processors have also been trained to effectively use the facilities.

This is expected to bring down the price of smoked fish and address food safety concern with the traditional system of smoking with firewood which takes a whole day.

There are thousands of small-scale processors in the market but poor processing and handling raise food safety concerns among consumers.

FAO Program Officer Mrs. Adeola Akinrinlola stated the installed equipment has the capacity to process over 1000 fish in about four to five hours using coal.

Mrs. Adeola further said that FAO was installing similar technology in some selected states to enhance the quality of processed fish that can meet export criteria.

Currently, fish processing at Kado Market, which is the biggest fish


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