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Somali fishermen object to ‘shocking’ deal allowing China in their waters by Edwin Mora February 08,2019   |  Source: Breitbart

Somali fishing communities have expressed concerns that a “debt trap diplomacy”-linked deal between their government and China has granted Beijing a license to exploit their livelihoods legally, Radio France Internationale (RFI) reported this week.

“It’s shocking to see the ministry of fisheries signing such a one-sided contract with a Chinese company,” Abdirizak Mohamed, a Somali lawmaker representing a coastal region, told RFI. ”It actually gives China the advantage.”

Secure Fisheries, a U.S.-based program that works with post-conflict regions to strengthen governance and combat illegal fishing, recently warned:

"Competition between foreign and domestic fishing for declining resources can lead to the increased occurrence and intensity of conflict between the fleets. … Not only does this pit local fishers in competition against each other, it increases the chances that a Somali vessel will encounter a foreign one, increasing the likelihood of conflict."

Somali lawmaker Mohamed agreed with the NGO’s assessment of the negative impact the Chinese deal will have on local fishing communities, telling RFI:

"There are small-scale fishing communities that have been suffering from the illegal fishing that has been taking place in our high seas; if you


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