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Five kidnapped Trinidad fishermen still being held in volatile Venezuela February 07,2019   |  Source: Stabroek News

It has been a week since Morne Diablo fisherman Jerry O’Brian was released by his kidnappers after part of the US $200,000 ransom was paid for his life.

But five other abducted fishermen have not returned to their families.

Police say they visit every day with the families, some of whom have set up camp on the beach hoping and waiting to a boat bringing them back from Venezuela.

The TTPS has communicated with INTERPOL seeking its intervention to bring the men home, but there has not been any developments with that appeal, a senior police officer said.

On Friday, the Ministry of National Security revealed that the fishermen who were kidnapped for ransom last Sunday were up a river in Venezuela when they were taken.

National Security minister Stuart Young warned nationals of Trinidad and Tobago that they should be aware of the risks of leaving our territorial waters and venturing into the territorial waters of other countries where we have no jurisdiction.

Only one of the six fishermen have returned to Trinidad after a US $30,000 ransom was paid.

The TTPS communicated with INTERPOL and made requests for assistance through diplomatic channels.

The families of the fishermen were given a Friday deadline to pay $200,000 US to the kidnappers.

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