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Sri Lanka promote lagoon aquaculture, conservation April 16,2018   |  Source: Economy Next

Sri Lanka's fisheries ministry will start a conservation program to protect lagoon eco-systems which will boost fisheries resources and eco-tourism also introduce aquaculture, expanding incomes of fisher families.

Sri Lanka's ministry of fisheries said 11 metric tonnes of fish had been harvested from 10 key lagoon in 2015 and 10 metric tonnes in 2011. While capture fisheries can be doubled by conservation, aquaculture can further increase fisheries production and expand the supply of protein for domestic consumption and export. "The Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources had declared that this production can be doubled through the conservation of lagoons and making the aquatic ecosystem suitable for fisheries," the fisheries ministry said in a note to the cabinet of ministers. "Extension of aquaculture in lagoons would further increase fish production."

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