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Somali-registered ‘Thai’ fishing boat caught with double the permissible catch by Suriya Patathayo February 08,2018   |  Source: WardheerNews

A fishing boat with a permit issued by the breakaway Somali state of Puntland, bearing the Thai name of Chotechai Navy 35, was recently intercepted in Samut Sakhon on suspicion of illegal fishing and human trafficking, police announced on Thursday.

The crew of 22 Thais and one Cambodian were detained and 500,000 kilograms of fish and other marine life seized.

During a press conference in Bangkok, Pol Lt-General Jaruwat Waisaya, chief of the Office of Legal Affairs and Litigation, said the boat, captained by Pawit Kerdsuwan, had docked at Samut Sakhon’s Thachin Union Port to unload fish.

SVG Fisheries Development Co had earlier made a request to authorities to allow the unloading.

However, officials found that the boat only had a fishing permit from Puntland and also violated the catch limit of 270,000kg of fish, Jaruwat said.

After Thai officials filed an inquiry, Somali authorities replied that the country had not authorised the boat to fish in its own waters and it was not registered in its system. Puntland is internationally recognised as a part of Somalia, although it declared independence in 1998.

The boat was not equipped with the vessel-monitoring system that was legally required, Jaruwat added.

Police proceeded with legal action on charges of


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