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Canadian lobstermen continue protest August 09,2012   |  Source: AP

New Brunswick fishermen staged a protest outside the Canadian federal fisheries minister's office Wednesday in their ongoing dispute over the import of lobsters from Maine, while a U.S. senator from Maine called for beefed up enforcement in the province to ensure the smooth flow of goods across the border.

The fishermen rallied outside the Fredericton office of Keith Ashfield, saying they are upset that low-priced lobsters from Maine are being processed in the province, thereby driving down prices for their own products.

"They can't take it anymore," said Christian Brun, a spokesman for the Maritime Fishermen's Union. "They're going to go bankrupt and everybody's on the edge."

Lobster processors in New Brunswick agreed Friday to pay a minimum of $2.50 per pound for processed lobster and $3 per pound for live market lobster. But Brun said New Brunswick fishermen need $4 per pound for both fresh and processed lobster just to break even.

The union had hoped compensation from the New Brunswick government would make up for the difference. But provincial Fisheries Minister Michael Olscamp flatly refused that request.

"We're not in the game of bridging gaps in salaries where people are paid for product," he said. "It would set a very dangerous precedent."

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